The End of Your Comfort Zone

I want to take advantage of the fully functioning body I am fortunate to reside in. I want to run as fast as I can with the wind at my back. I want to do all the things I am capable of and more. Running is not difficult; it must be over a mountain. Swimming isn’t tough either; unless it’s through waves in the sea. A walk in the outdoors shouldn’t be a stroll with a picnic; it should be a five day endurance event interspersed with cave dwelling and cliff diving.

Most of us live with the safe boundaries that we create ourselves. Life within this space is peaceful and benign, void of any danger or adventure. This is non-sense. We should be out there experiencing life to the full potential, falling down and getting up again. Imagine we could capture that early teenage spirit (assuming you aren’t a teenager) where there was more focus on the rewards of an action rather than the consequences. That spirit where failure was unknown and confidence was King. It is that very thought process that allows teenagers to be adaptable to their circumstances. Tear down those boundaries and see just how capable you are.

Nowadays many of us are too concerned about our appearance. We voluntarily sit for hours in front of a keyboard crafting our digital selves and selecting a profile picture that portrays us in the best possible light. We post a picture of ourselves at the club as a heads up to everyone that we’re hip. We list Fight Club and Trainspotting as our favourite movies as a reminder of how edgy and cool we are. We are so busy talking about ourselves on social media that we can’t relate to other things or people anymore. More importantly, we are losing touch with ourselves.

To combat this, we simply need to get outside and try new things. I believe that there is no greater way to learn about yourself than to be alone and doing something you have never done before. Whether its scuba-diving, trail running, painting or even yoga. Get out there and give it a go. The more extreme, the more you learn.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Where is yours?